2021 Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

2021 Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream: Prize Money and Championship Trophy

Are you curious about what the Champion of NHL season 2020-21 will receive? Well, many of us are. Therefore, we’ve come up with this article, where we’ll provide you with every information about the prize pool in the NHL.

The upcoming Stanley Cup Finals live stream will be available to watch in July. You can watch the stream on NBC through your cable or satellite TV and on TV streaming platforms.

Rewards for the Winner of the 2021 NHL

Rewards for the Winner of the 2021 NHL

Many of you may not know that players who play in the postseason of the NHL don’t receive any paycheck. So, you can say they play almost for free. However, the NHL provides them a fee based on how far the team progresses.

The winner of the Stanley Cup Finals will receive a trophy and a certain amount of money. We’ve covered every detail regarding the rewards below.

Stanley Cup Championship Trophy

Every year, the winner of the NHL Finals receives the Stanley Cup Championship Trophy. The final of the tournament is named after the trophy. The trophy has been given to the winner since 1893. The height of the current trophy is around 35.25 inches. It’s made of silver and nickel alloy.

Unlike many other North American Sports League, the Champion team keeps the trophy until a new Champion is crowned. That means if a team wins the trophy, they get to keep it for roughly a year. After that, they hand it over to the NHL, and the new Champion receives the trophy.

Prize Money

The winner of the Stanley Cup Finals also receives a good amount of prize money. Not only the Champion but also all the teams who compete in the play-off get the monetary prize. Not to mention, the money is further shared among the team players and staff.

The prize money pool for 2021 NHL is 17 million. It was the same for the last season too. The Champion team will have the largest share, while the eight teams eliminated at the first rounds of the play-off will receive the lowest amount. Watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream to know who bags the highest prize money.

As the players don’t get extra money outside the prize, they don’t earn much from the postseason. Therefore, some fans think that non-north American players aren’t very dedicated to the play-offs. However, the North American players grow up watching the Stanley Cup. Hence, winning is a matter of pride to them, and they don’t care much about the paycheck. Again, it’s just a fan theory.

No Campbell and Wales Trophy in 2021

Each year, the Champion from the Western Conference gets the Campbell Trophy. On the other hand, Eastern Conference Champion receives the Wales Trophy. However, this year there’s no conference in the NHL. Instead, the NHL is following the traditional format with four divisions. Therefore, no Campbell and Wales Trophy will be awarded this year.

No Campbell and Wales Trophy in 2021

Final Thoughts

So, who do you reckon will win the Stanley Cup Championship Trophy this year? To know, keep your eyes on the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in July. May the best ice hockey team win the trophy.