Quick Tips on Cleaning Crystals

Quick Tips on Cleaning Crystals

No matter how clean your home may be, there’s always one thing that seems to collect the most dust and dirt: your crystal. This is because it can’t be washed with soap, so you need to find an alternative way of cleaning it without damaging its delicate surface. Fortunately, here are some quick tips on how to clean crystal!

Some quick tips on how to clean crystal

Some quick tips on how to clean crystal

Clean Crystals To Make It Shiny!

If you want to make your crystal shine brighter, try using a mixture of water and vinegar (equal parts) with some baking soda for scrubbing purposes. This is because it’s great at removing any tarnish on the surface of the crystal as well as remnants from fingerprints or smudges.

Wipe down the crystal with a damp cloth

Pour some water into your palm, dip another cloth in it, and use that dampened cloth to clean the surface of the crystal. This will help you avoid using too much liquid. just Wipe the crystal from top to bottom, and then wipe it in a circular motion. Wiping it in this pattern will remove any dust particles that may have been missed.

Clean Crystals with a Glass Cleaner

Clean your crystals with a glass cleaner if they are sticky, dirty or have a metallic smell. Clean the surface of each crystal by spraying it with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol and then wiping down with a lint free cloth. Place them on paper towels to dry out excess moisture before storing away in their designated spot

Cleaning Crystals with Salt Water

Salt water is a great alternative to glass cleaner if you’re trying to avoid any chemicals. Fill a bowl with salt, take the crystal and stick it into the mixture so that both sides are coated in salt. Do this for about five minutes or until some of the dirt has been dissolved off. Then rinse clean under running water and pat dry with a towel after!

Clean Crystals with Natural light

Clean Crystals with Natural light

This process is applicable for all crystals, but you can vary it as needed. When cleaning your crystal using natural sunlight is find the best location in which they will be able to get plenty of sun without any obstruction throughout the day.

One way that may work well for some people if one does not have a yard or balcony where their crystals are visible and can receive full-day sun would be placing them on an east facing window sill or porch during daylight hours so they can absorb energy from the morning sunshine, then move them into another part of the house (such as a southern exposure) after sunset. If this isn’t possible because your home has no windows facing east or if you need to move your crystals out of the way during certain hours, then using a sunny window in another room will work just as well.

Using an Artificial light

You can also use an artificial light that is known for producing high levels of UV radiation such as a mercury vapor lamp, which gives off shortwave ultraviolet rays and infrared heat waves. The second type is called black lights (or BLB) because they produce no visible light at all. only long wave UVA and IR are emitted from these devices.

Last Words

Crystals are delicate creations and they need regular care if you want them to last for years! Though it depends on your situation but the best way to clean crystals is with a soft, damp cloth and then wiping them off.