Change Management Software

Change Management Software

With many companies and organizations needing to grow through internal innovation, investing in change management software is a necessity. This type of application is designed to assist businesses in letting their employees to have the ability to work on a variety of projects without wasting a lot of time in meetings and participating in the classic run around.

In order for this to work, a good change management software application needs to have numerous features that augment each other to form a powerful tool that is easy to use. The first requirement an application of this nature needs is to be able to be 100% web based. By using the Internet, the application can use your employees browsers to display the information.

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As many are already trained in how to use their favorite browser, the learning required to make use of the application is drastically lessened. This saves the company time and money, as their employees can get to work faster. The next feature a good program of this nature needs is an adjustable work flow. This is what the users will encounter everyday, and being able to work efficiently, no matter on what project, is vital to getting the most done during the daily shifts. Being able to adjust this work flow allows a company to make the application serve their needs directly. Once information, the projects and changes that need to be made to the system, is put into the database, business owners and managers can begin to use the reporting functions, which allow them to generate in depth reports on what innovations have been focused on in the past, and what is being focused on now. This allows a company to determine which areas need to be worked on, and which areas are at acceptable levels. Other features, such as spell check, automated e-mail notification and integrated excel spreadsheets also help augment this process, see more.


In order to be able to make use of this change management software developed by CME, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment. Installing this software requires three things. The first is the computer that your employees will use to access the software. This will probably be the easiest, as any computer that has a browser and an Internet connection can access the software. The next two items are servers. One is a web server, and the other is the database server. These servers need to be running either Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or 2003, Red Hat Linux 7.x, 8.0 or 9.0 or Solaris UNIX 2.x, 7.0, 8.o or 9.0. As many servers are already running these, finding one should not be difficult. If you are interested in learning more about this application, or if you wish to schedule a demonstration of the product in action.