What Is NooLVL and What Does It Do?

The eSports world is always looking for new ingredients to help them increase their gaming speed. This new ingredient, nooLVL, has been clinically shown to boost cognitive performance for gamers1.

This patented non-stimulant nootropic is a complex of bonded arginine silicate with an optimized dose of inositol that works within 15 minutes to improve energy, focus and accuracy. It is available in a variety of supplement products including powder, RTD and gummies.

It Boosts Energy and Focus

Gaming is a highly cognitive activity that requires quick reactions, focus, memory and fine motor skills. A recent clinical study showed that gamers who consumed nooLVL experienced better results in a range of cognitive tests than those who did not take the supplement. The test subjects included those who played video games a minimum of five hours per week.

The researchers found that nooLVL enhanced short-term memory and reaction time, attention and concentration, visual representation and forethought/sequencing. The supplement also increased perceived vigor.

Developed by Nutrition21, the makers of Nitrosigine, nooLVL is a non-stimulant cognitive enhancement ingredient. It is made up of a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate and Silicon with an additional optimized dose of Inositol. It has been shown to improve mental acuity and focus in as little as 15 minutes and provides energy3 without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure.

This ingredient is used in a variety of RTD and ready-to-mix powder products from eSports brands like XP Sports and Ghost Gamer. However, the amount of nooLVL used in these products may not be enough to provide the clinically studied results. For example, the Ghost Gamer product only contains 800mg of nooLVL which would require two scoops to hit the clinical dosage.

It Improves Short-Term Memory

The mental quickness and focus that gamers need to be successful requires a high degree of short-term memory. However, if gamers are fatigued or distracted, their memories can become skewed, and they may make errors in the game. These mistakes can reduce the gamer’s confidence and lead to anxiety and stress.

A new patented ingredient called nooLVL can boost cognitive performance in gamers without the use of stimulants. The molecule takes arginine and combines it with silicon and inositol, which helps to support brain nitric oxide production. It also helps to increase energy levels and improve mood.

A recent clinical study found that nooLVL improved reaction time, accuracy, and concentration in eSports gamers while decreasing perceived fatigue and anger. These improvements were seen as early as fifteen minutes after taking the supplement, and they lasted for up to seven days. The researchers believe that the bonded arginine silicate and optimized dose of inositol in nooLVL are responsible for these positive effects.

It Reduces Errors

Gaming requires gamers to make a myriad of decisions and quick ones at that. As they become fatigued, their reaction time decreases, making them prone to errors that can cause significant damage to their gaming experience. NooLVL reduces these errors by allowing gamers to remain alert and focused throughout their gaming sessions.

Nutrition 21’s newest ingredient nooLVL is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional optimized dose of inositol that has been clinically studied for its ability to boost cognitive performance. This non-stimulant ingredient is able to improve cognitive function within 15 minutes of consumption. The bonded form of L-arginine (which is also found in Nitrosigine) and the silicate element allow nooLVL to be absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently than regular L-arginine supplements.

Both ingredients work by increasing blood flow to metabolically active tissues, including brain and muscles. However, the conventional L-arginine has poor bioavailability and gets broken down into nitric oxide too quickly; this led to the development of Nitrosigine and nooLVL, which solve this issue by bonding l-arginine to silicate, preventing its undesired breakdown3. This allows the ingredients to boost circulation in a safe, healthy way without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

It Enhances Mental Performance

A clinical study found that the patented ingredient nooLVL improved cognitive performance in gamers by improving reaction time, accuracy, visual representation and forethought/sequencing. The study also showed that players using nooLVL made 66% fewer errors than those taking placebo after 60 minutes of gaming. The ingredient also increased perceived vigor and reduced anger.

It is a non-stimulant complex that boosts energy1 and mental endurance, improves short-term memory and enhances concentration in gamers. It works within 15 minutes to increase focus, attention and reaction time in eSports athletes. It is a great supplement for those that play eSports games long hours, as they are often prone to making mistakes that can lead to anxiety and stress.


NooLVL is a new ingredient that is starting to pop up in supplements targeted towards gamers and eSports athletes. One example is the supplement brand Force Element’s product called Flight Through, a stimulant free version of their pre-workout that contains nooLVL.