How to Download Videos from Your Dashcam

The Right way to Download Videos from Dash Cam

In the present technological era, you can see lots of new and improved instruments available in the market that allow you to have safe and secure driving. Dash Cam is one of that equipment and tool that you can install in your car and able to keep yourself safe from issues at the time of accident. The videos and photos recorded by the dash cam allow you to have proof of your innocence in case of an accident and you can save yourself easily in front of police.

How does dash cam works?

How does dash cam works

A dash cam is generally known as the video camera mounted on the dashboard of the car. A dash cam records the videos through the windscreen at the time you are driving. It works with the help of car batter and starts automatically when you start the car ignition. In addition to this, some of the dash cams also have the parking mode that allows them to record the videos and visuals even when the car ignition is off. It features is beneficial in cases like hit and run and vandalism accidents when the vehicle is parked.

How to Download Videos from Your Dashcam?

Do you want to know How to Download Videos from Your Dashcam? If yes then here is a simple and effective method for you that you can use to download videos from your dash cam. The video you download you’re your dash cam can help you to provide your innocence at the time of an accident and help you to save yourself from any issue and hassle. But if you do not know How to Download Videos from Your Dashcam then it can create lots of problem and issues for you. So, here is the effective and quick way to download the video from your dash cam.

Remove the memory card

Remove the memory card

First of all, you have to remove the memory card from your dash cam. But this step will depend on the thing that what type of dash cam you have. You have to make sure that your car is parked and the dash cam is turned off before removing the SD card so that it does not damage the video and footage.

Insert the memory card into adapter

After removing the memory card you can insert the memory card into the SD adapter that came along with your memory card. But this step is applicable only with the micro SD cards. Some of the memory card readers do not need the adapter and they can also accept the Micro SD cards directly.

Insert the memory card into the card reader

You need to use a memory card reader so that you can copy the dash cam videos into your computer device without having any kind of hassle. Some computers also have the SD Memory Card Readers built in them. But if your computer does not have the built-in card reader then instead of this, you can use a USB memory card reader.

Now, you have to just insert the memory card on the memory card reader into the correct slot and then you can move further to next step.

Copy video files to your PC

Copy video files to your PC

Once you got your memory card inserted then an AutoPlay window will pop up after some time. You have to just select the option for ‘open files to view files’ where you can see all videos of the dash cam and able to download the one which you want. You should look carefully at the contents of the memory card so that you can pick up the right one among them. If your dash cam also has the software video player then you can see the icon that allows you to start the video player software. You have to just double click the icon and then the software will start and allow you to view the video that you want. But if your dash cam does not have the video player software then you can see a list of the video files and you can select all the video files to transfer them into your computer. Now, you can open the folder in which you copied the video from dash cam and able to begin watching the videos whenever you want.