How Long Does it take to Rekey a Lock

How Long Does it take to Rekey a Lock?

Most people do not know how to rekey a lock so they remove the old one and get a new one. It is possible to get a new rekey for your lock if you follow the below-given steps. Approximately, it takes just ten to fifteen minutes for fixing. But sometimes it depends on the type of your lock. The professional locksmith can do it within ten minutes. There are a lot of varieties in lock size. So, depends on the size of your lock it takes time for rekeying. An experienced locksmith has an estimated time for every type of lock. So, try to contact them and make use of them. Most importantly, do not get a new one and just rekey it.

How to rekey a lock without a locksmith’s help?

How to rekey a lock without a locksmith’s help

The best idea is getting help from a locksmith, but when you are in a place where you are not able to contact anyone then the following steps will help you. It is possible when you have a proper tool with you and without any tools, this will not happen. There are only three tools you need such as four in one screwdriver, needle, and tweezers. The first step is removing a doorknob. It is not very easy to remove it so get a wire tool and insert it into the knob hole.

And now depress the knob and pull the knob off. The second step is removing the cylinder. Now try to push the cylinder out of the knob. The third step is removing the retainer and it is like a ring so you can easily remove it. Using a retainer tool, you can remove it faster and push that tool against the ring and set it later you can replace it. Now insert the pin and start reassembling the lock. Once you assemble the new pins then reverse the steps to reassemble it. So, this is how you can rekey by yourself, find here.

How it cost to rekey a lock?

How it cost to rekey a lock

Every locksmith has all types of keys so they can easily open the door lock using their key. It is just a simple work but the cost is very important. Sometimes locksmith does not have a suitable key for your lock so they take another method for opening your door. In that situation, the cost depends on the type and time taking for the rekeying process. Due to the low price of a lock pin the cost for the rekeying process is cheaper than getting a new one. Most of them think there is no way to open the door so they broke the door and install a new lock. It is a waste of time and money so try this rekeying method and make use of it. Also, you can purchase a rekey kit from the shop and keep it with you. So, when you lost your key then you can open your door using that kit and no need to contact a locksmith and you and money too.