How Does a Hair Straightener Work?

How Does a Hair Straightener Work?

It was not looking possible for us to straighten curly hairs before the invention of hair straightener.

Hair straighteners make our tough job simple to complete, and we can make any style within a couple of minutes with any hairs.

Have you ever thought how this hair straightener works with your hair does? Do not need to go anywhere we will provide you complete detail about working of hair straightener.

What is a fundamental principle of working?

What is a fundamental principle of working?

A hair straightener works with your hairs to make them straight by applying a combination of pressure and heat.

There is no such distinction between the use of best steam hair straighteners and iron on clothes.

Like iron on clothes, it presses the curls on clothes with the support of heat and makes our clothes straight, same is the process of hair straightener for different types of hairs.

Most of the times, you will do not need to spend much time for straightening hairs, but sometimes you need to reshape different sections separately if you have more curly hairs.

How does it work with your hairs?

Get ready to know what is the science behind the working the hair straightener to flatten your curly hairs.

Our hairs are built by a protein called keratin, which has linked chains of amino acids; this protein is also involved in the manufacturing of our nails, teeth and many other parts.

Keratin is a protein that is linked with a combination of amino acid, but it is a hard protein that cannot cut without some metal such scissors.

To make it soft and mould, we can take help of heat and pressure. So, we also need to use some heat to melt the protein in our hairs, and when soften we apply pressure with metal and give them shape.

But there is need of management to perform that action; if you make a mistake and give more heat or pressure, you may damage your hairs.

So, for our ease hair straighteners work on the principle such as pass a hot iron quickly, but tightly, which quickly breaks down the keratin chain and change their positions.

Due to this process, our curly or straight hairs became straight and rearranged. No doubt it is not a permanent solution but make it possible for some hours.

Maybe it looks you tricky, and you got confused, but a hair straightener makes it possible for you with great ease.

What care do we need?

No doubt we make our hair straight and flatten with the help of hair straighteners, but we also need its proper use.

Your little carelessness can cause significant damage to your hairs; you can burn your hairs. So, do not use hair straighteners too much and at too much high temperature.

It will ultimately damage the keratin chain, and your hairs will be damaged, dull and dead.

Final Thoughts: We need to break the keratin chain in our hairs to make them flatten, but we need a proper application of heat and pressure. Only hair straightener makes us able to perform that task with ease. But we also need proper care while using hair straighteners.