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What are the Different Types of Garage Door Openers?

What is mean by garage and its uses to the people?

The garage is a room, where the household old things and mostly used tools are kept. It is a large space empty room; we can store many things over there. It is not only used to store the things but also we can park the vehicles. This is the main use of the garage. Some will run their business in garage too. Many works can be done here; we can’t do all the works at home. So we can find our own space at the open room. It has small shelves, so we can keep tools there. The garage will leads to the home directly. Once we enter there we can get into the house through the back side of the opening. We need not to come outside again. The garage door repair will be attached with the door. We can’t leave the room without closing.

Different types of garage door openers:

Different types of garage door openers

Due to the development of technology, the opening of the garage door also changed according to our need. Whatever we use, the noisy sound in lifting of the door is still can’t reduce completely. There are few types of doors used in the garage, which is based on our need and cost used for the door. If we go for low cost doors, we can buy the old model doors alone. If we spend good money on the door, we can purchase modern type door according to the trend and the noise will be also low.

• Chain garage door: This is the old type model. Here chain is attached to the trolley for lifting the door. It will cause more noisy sound because of the metal and metal contact. The vibration in the metals produces a lot of sounds.
• Belt door model: Instead of chain, the belt is used here. The belt is attached to the trolley to open and close the door. The sound will be somewhat less because of the belt.
• Screw driver type opener: As the name says, the screw type chain is attached to the trolley. The steel rod is in the form of thread which operates as the motor in the vehicle. It will rotate the chain to open and close the door. It is easy to maintain because few things where only used.
• Jack shaft opener: Here the motor will be installed in the door. 24V DC motor is used to operate the door. It is mainly used in large doors to make the ceiling free. The noise will be low compare to others.
• Direct door opener: Here only one steel rail is attached to operate the whole system. So the maintenance will be also low and noise also reduced most.
• DC motor garage door opener: It is the modern technology used nowadays, where DC motors are used to operate the door. It is better than the AC motors. It makes the work fast and easy. The sound will be completely low. Cost will be high.

These are the few type’s door openers. We can buy according to our need and budget level. All the operations will be same only the sound and timing for lifting the door is varied, so based on usage we choose the garage door openers.